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The character limits of your social media posts

Planning to come up with a perfect tweet but stumped by the number of characters that you can use to make an impact? This question plagues almost all social media marketers who are trying to come up with the best content possible despite the limitations imposed. Social media character limits constantly get revived and it becomes quite difficult to keep up with the changes. This post describes the ideal length of your Instagram caption, Facebook post or your tweet.

Social media character count

Facebook Character Limits

If you are active on social media for advertising your product or service, then you must be aware that you are competing with thousands of other brands out there to grab the attention of your potential audience. The attention that you receive is directly linked to the quality of content that you have to offer to them. You need to make sure that you are using the ideal character length while coming up with creative status updates. Keeping it too short or too long will fail to captivate the attention of your potential audience.

The ideal length of a Facebook update is about 40 to 80 characters. Posts will characters less than this receives less engagement. You need to focus on keeping your posts concise and short. Longer posts just get cut off and the users’ needs to expand the test to learn the complete story. The maximum character length for Facebook posts is 63,206 characters. For page description, it is 155 characters.

Twitter Character Limits

Twitter has for long imposed 140 character limit on the tweets that people can post on the platform. However, it did increase the limit to 280 characters during the year 2017. The ideal length of a tweet can be anywhere between 71-100 characters. This restriction lets you keep your tweets concise. For DM’s the character limit is 10,000.

Twitter Word Count

Instagram Character Limits

You need to get identify a good word counter or character counter if you want to keep a tab on the word count that can be utilized on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. Instagram caption length is shorter than you think. The ideal length would be anywhere between 138-150 characters. However, the limit imposed is 2,200 characters per post. You need to make sure that you use a good counter to craft quality content as per your requirements. The ideal character limit suggested in the post is based on studies carrier out. These suggestions will help you derive a better response from your intended audience. However, you do need to experiment with what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t.

Best Word Count Limits of a Website Title, Description or Blog Post Content for Google Search Engine Optimization

SEO terms change every year and they are only going to get larger with time. Blogging is a great tool employed by both small and large businesses alike that helps in driving traffic to the intended website. It is a great tool for social media marketing and also helps in driving organic traffic. Blog post ranking is however not a walk in the park. The ideal length plays a crucial role in helping you accomplish your goals.

Why is Blog Post Content Length Important?

Earlier, the word count of blog posts used to be around 500 words. However, these days the average length of the blog posts has increased in the recent years. Do you know what the ideal length of a blog post is in the current year? Do you know why it is important to use a word counter to keep a tab on the words that you are using to come up with a compelling post?

SEO Word Count

Blog post length matters as it correlates strongly with higher ranking in search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. Google strives to rank quality content at the top because they want to offer an incredible experience to its users. They have a logical conclusion that the longer a post is, the more detailed it is. However, users are not always looking for longer posts. All they want is answer to their questions.

The Best Content Length for Blog Posts

The best length is ultimately dependent on your keywords being targeted. If the average post for the keyword is just 200 words, then it does not make sense to come up with a post that has 2,000 words. The intent of the searcher has to be studied to create an ideal blog post length. For instance, if a searcher wants to know when Jennifer Lopez was born, then this question can be answered within 100 words. You do not need to write a 2000 word post for it. It doesn’t really make sense. With recent changes made by Google, the Meta description length has been expanded to 320 characters. The title of a blog post needs to be covered within 70 characters with spaces. You need to utilize a good character counter for this purpose if you do not want to exceed the limit. This will help you craft quality content without going overboard.